Specilizing in RC Hobbies including Helis, Cars, Trucks, Planes, and FPV

WE Moved 1 mile to
30 Commercial st. Foxboro, MA 02035

(was formally called RCHover's Hobby Stop)

DroneUAVacademy.com (Drone Training)
DroneUAVexpert.com (Expert Drone Repairs)
FPVexpert.com (FPV Drone Racing)

Call Us: 508-549-9959

OPEN 7 days a week
Monday-Friday 9am-6pm
Saturday 10am-4pm
Sunday 11am-3pm

Just 18 Minutes north of Providence, RI and 30 minutes south of Boston, MA.

  • From I-95, Take Exit 7B (Rt.140 North)
  • go 3/4 mile on right we are in the Job Lot Plaza


  • From I-95, Take Exit 7B (Rt.140 North)
  • go 3/4 mile on right we are in the Job Lot Plaza

Phone Support & Product Returns for Online Customers

Please note, phone support and assistance for online customer is available Monday through Friday from 9:00AM - 5:30PM Eastern.

  • 508-549-9959


Please note: We do not accept returns on any electronic components including,but not limited to, motors and batteries. All electronic components must be returned to the manufacturer.

We accept returns on most other items within 5 days of receipt. All returns are for store credit only. There is a 30% restocking fee on all returns. Shipping and other fees and taxes are not refundable.

All returns must be shipped back to us in the original, unopened package.
Please properly insure your return shipment to protect your investment in the event the package is lost, misdirected, stolen, or damaged while in transit.

All return shipping costs as well as proper packing and shipping of your return are your responsibility.

Before returing any merchandise you must email or call us for a return merchandise authorization number (RMA#).

Warranty & Disclaimer

All products are sold under this warranty and disclaimer

The user shall determine the suitability of the product for his or her intended use and shall assume all risk and liability in connection therewith; this will include all items sold or distributed by Rchover LLC .

User is required to read all instruction manuals and follow the manufacturers guidelines. Rchover cannot accept responsibility for injury and/or crash damage or loss of kits, or accessories, parts and materials that occurs during the use of any radio-controlled model. Great Care should be taken when using RC Helicopters or products related to RC Helis. If you have questions or concerns contact us here

Limits of Responsibility. We accept NO responsibility for crash damage. It is impossible to determine for certain whether crash damage was the result of a radio system failure or pilot error. We accept no responsibility for crash damage occurring during the use of a radio-controlled model. We accept no responsibility for improper installation of our products. Electrical polarity must be properly observed in hooking up electrical components. Fuses must be used with all electrical components where indicated (example: speed controllers).

Rchover is not responsible in any way for any and all bodily injurie(s) and/or property damage that may occur from the use of or caused by in any way the lithium Polymer and NiCd / NiMH cells/packs sold by rchover.

Shipping & Packing

There are times when items weigh more than our flat rate shipping. We reserve the right to charge additional shipping charges if necessary. International customers if you choose domestic shipping within the United States we will automatically change your shipping to the global express shipping option for you and charge you $29.95.


We accept Paypal shipped to a verified address.We also accept Visa Mastercard, Amex, shipped to approved cardholders address ONLY. You can also pay by US postal money order in US funds. Sorry, no personal checks or C.O.D.'s allowed.


We normally ship all orders on the same day or within 24 - 48 hours after the order is placed (except US holidays and Sunday). You have a choice to select the shipping method that fits to your need and budget at check out.
If your orders are qualified for Free Shipping (within US only), your order will be delivered within 2 - 7 business days. It's up to us to select the shipping method that fits the budget for Free Shipping. Most orders that are qualified for Free Shipping will be shipped via Priority Mail with the exception of heavy packages or helicopter kits. You will receive an email notification when your order is shipped. In the case your items you ordered are out of stock, you will be notified or contacted from our shipping staffs.
RChover.com will not be responsible for any lost or stolen packages left at your door from USPS or FedEx. If you do not feel comfortable having shipping carriers to leave your package in front of your door, you must contact us or leave an order comment and request for a signature confirmation. We will gladly add this option for you when shipping your package.

International Orders

USPS Global Priority is available for International orders UNDER $75 total including shipping $ ONLY!!!!!!!! ******Important NOTE!!!!****** If your order exceeds max. cost, weight or size, we reserve the right to change shipment method to Global Express without prior authorization.

International Orders will ship via USPS EMS (international Express Mail) and will be insured up to $100.00 USD, a tracking number will be emailed to you once your order has been processed for shipping.
For packages that way over 2 pounds you may be required to pay additional shipping charges
be EMS with insurance unless other arrangements are made. Rchover is not responsible for any loss if not shipped this way.

Property Damage

In no event will rchover llc be liable to you or yours for damages, including lost profits, lost savings or consequential or incidental damages arising out of the use/misuse of or inability to use merchandise purchased from usa.Use at your own risk and PLEASE handle with care

MA Sales TAX 6.25% is applied to all sales in MA


Note: Sorry, Rchover does not ship to the following countries:

Belarus,Bulgaria,Egypt,Lithuania,Indonesia,Malaysia,Pakistan,Romania,Russia,Turkey,Ukraine or Yugoslavia.Singapore

IMPORTANT note: we only ship credit card orders to your card billing address, for international customers we do NOT ship credit card orders to freight forwarding companies or 3rd party addresses. We do make exceptions but you have to call us for credit card verification.

Prices are subject to change without notice.

Rchover Reserves the right to deny service and sales and will credit back funds for denied said orders.
We only charge tax on shipments going to MA
If the merchandise is inoperable, but has no apparent damage, it is considered defective, Defective and DOA (Dead on Arrival) product(s) must be sent to the manufacturer for repair and or replacement. The instructions for how to handle returning products to the manufacturer will vary since each manufacturer handles defects differently.


We ship orders worldwide via United States Postal Services (USPS). If you would like to request your order to be shipped via different carriers (UPS or FedEx), please contact us before placing the orders. Only USPS Global Express Mail shipping method has a tracking number. We recommend this method of shipping for international shipping to ensure your order reaches you fast and safely, especially for orders over $200 USD. For other shipping methods (Global Airmail or Global Priority), since there is no tracking number available, please be patience if you haven't receive your package yet as expected date. Most packages delivery delay are caused by "Customs Services" in your country for any number of reasons. All non delivered package claims cannot be honored until 45 days after the actual ship date of your order.


Will reflect your actual purchase.Check with your country's taxing authority for any questions you may have about taxes you may have to pay.


Defective products will be approved for return and can be replaced or credited by the manufacturer/distributor according to their warranty policies. Some of the merchandises, you have to contact and send back directly to the manufacturers for repair or replacement handling. Please contact us and request for a RETURN MERCHANDISE AUTHORIZATION (RMA) number first before sending it back.

All returned merchandises have to go through inspection and exchange processing. It normally takes up to 7 business days. Once your returns are approved and accepted, we will issue you a store credit or refund back to your credit card.

Price matching
If you find a lower price on an item from an authorized dealer,Call us and we will do our best to meet or beat the pricing.


Lithium Batteries can catch on fire. Lithium batteries should NOT be left unattended while being charged as THEY CAN CATCH ON FIRE. Proper precautions should be taken before charging Lithium batteries such as having a fire extinguisher ready and placing the batteries in a fire safe container.


To reduce the chance of frustration, a new modeler should become involved with other modelers in order to learn the necessary skills. This may involve simply by joining the club and becoming acquainted with experienced modelers. These modelers are a source of knowledge and experience that can be invaluable to the new modeler when he begins to build his first aircraft and when he begins to learn to fly. An experienced modeler can act, as an R/C flight instructor to teach a new person the skills required to fly the aircraft properly and to avoid the inevitable crash.

New modelers must realize that a radio controlled model aircraft is not a toy. It is a true aircraft in that it flies and operates by the same principles as a full-scale aircraft with the difference being the size and weight. We want you to be a safe pilot, for yourself, your fellow club members, and the sport itself. Unsafe practices and procedures can result in serious injury. The average model will fly in a range of 30 to 100 km/h and weigh 2,5 to 2,7 kg. The force of the model hitting an object can be devastating especially if it hits a person. Models must be controlled properly both for enjoyment and for safety. The skills required to accomplish this must be learned from an experienced modeler. We are happy to provide all the assistance needed for you to get the most out of this hobby.

Lithium Polymer Charging, Handling, Safety Information


Lithium Polymer batteries have specific charging requirements and ONLY chargers rated for Lithium Polymer cells may be used. The best chargers are those which require the user to manually select cell count and charge rate for each pack of cells, then automatically check to see that the settings are correct. The E-Tec line of chargers belongs to this category. Chargers which use only automatic detection of cell count (and on that basis set charge voltage) are prone to error, and can damage cells or cause a fire due to over-voltage charging of cells. We recommend that these chargers be set manually, if used. Other chargers are set manually, but do not include a safety circuit to oversee that setting. These are prone to user error, and should also be checked very carefully to insure proper use.

For best results, a CC/CV charger, like those in the E-Tec line, should be used. These charge initially at a constant 4.2V and constant 1C rate, then taper the charge rate as the battery nears full capacity. Cells are about 90% charged in one hour, and can be left connected for another 40-50 minutes to complete the charge. The maximum permissible charge voltage per cell is 4.25V. The maximum charge rate for Lithium Polymer cells is 1C (ex: 0.7A for the ET-0700 cell). Please do not charge your lithium polymer at any rate higher than 1C. Doing so may reduce the capacity and life cycle of the cells, with very little savings in charge time.

1. Never fast-charge any battery type unattended.
2. Never charge Li-Po cells/packs at any rate unattended.
3. Only charge Li-Po cells/packs with a charger designed specifically for lithium polymer chemistry. Example chargers include the Kokam USA, LIPO 402, LIPO 102 and LIPO 202; Bishop Power Products Apache S1215 and S1500; Great Planes Triton; and Schulze chargers with lithium charging capability.
4. Li-Po cells can ignite because of unmatched cell capacity or voltage, cell damage, charger failure, incorrect charger settings and other factors.
5. Always use the correct charging voltage. Li-Po cells or battery packs may ignite if connected to a charger supplying more than 6 volts per cell.
6. Always assure the charger is working properly.
7. Always charge Li-Po cells or battery packs where no harm can result, no matter what happens. We suggest a brick box or likeness. Have sand handy in a bucket for any need to extinguish any fire. NEVER use water on any cells or battery pack.
8. Never charge a cell/pack in a model. A hot pack may ignite wood, foam, plastic, etc.
9. Never charge a cell/pack inside a motor vehicle, or in a vehicle
10. Never charge a cell/pack on a wooden workbench, or on any flammable material.
11. If a cell/pack is involved in a crash:
a. Remove the cell or battery pack from the model.
b. Carefully inspect the cell or battery pack for shorts in the wiring or connections. If in doubt, cut all wires from the cell or battery pack.
c. Disassemble the pack.
d. Inspect cells for dents, cracks and splits. Dispose of damaged cells (see below).
12. Dispose of cells or battery packs as follows:
a. Discharge: with the cell or battery pack in a safe area, connect a moderate resistance across the terminals until the cell or battery pack is discharged. CAUTION: the cell or battery pack may be hot!
b. Discard:
- NiMH: place in regular trash.
- NiCd: recycle (cadmium is toxic).
- Li-Po: puncture plastic envelope, immerse in salt water for several hours and place in regular trash.
13. Handle all cells or battery packs with care, as they can deliver high currents if shorted. Shorting by a wedding ring, for example, will remove a finger.
14. Always store cells or battery packs in a secure location where they cannot be shorted or handled by children.
15. When constructing a pack, use only cells of the same capacity (mAh).

Glues, rubber cement, epoxy, and other adhesives

Glues, rubber cement, epoxy, and other adhesives contain a solvent which, when applied, evaporates out leaving the solid adhesive portion behind. Rubber cement, epoxy, instant glues, model glues, and plastic adhesives contains five dangerous solvents. Many adhesives are extremely flammable. Some adhesives are skin and lung irritants and allergy-sensitizers while others can cause burns to skin and eyes. Many of the solvents used in adhesives and glues have narcotic, possibly fatal, effects when inhaled in high concentrations. Inhalation of fumes from cured epoxy resins may result in coughing and bronchial spasms for several days.

Instant glues contain small amounts of solvent which rapidly dissolve. This product is considered to be of low toxicity, but there are other concerns to be noted. Instant glues bond so rapidly and strongly that the least sloppiness can result in an undesirable and sometimes dangerous situation. A drop of glue on the finger followed by a touch to the eye can end with a semi-permanent finger in the eye (which will release in less than 24 hours). The safest glues on the market are white glue, library paste, yellow wood glue, and glue sticks. White glue effectively bonds most porous and semi-porous materials such as paper, cloth, wood, and pottery. White glue can also be used for big jobs such as laying hardwood floors.

Use: Use white glue, glue sticks, or yellow glue when ever possible. Never use toxic adhesives on laminated cutting boards, bowls, or a product which contacts food. Carefully read the label. Wear protective gloves with adhesives and cements. If the glue contains solvents, use only in a well ventilated area with plenty of fresh air. Avoid wearing soft contacts, which may absorb solvent vapors. If the adhesive is flammable be certain to extinguish sources of ignition (such as pilot lights) if you will be using a large quantity of the solvent in a room where a source of flame is located. Keep the lid tightly closed when the glue is not in use.

Storage: Store away from children and sources of flame. Make sure cap or lid is tightly secured.

Disposal: The best way to avoid a waste disposal problem is to use it up as intended. If the adhesive or glue is anything other than instant, white, or yellow glue, it is recommended that this product be disposed of by a licensed hazardous waste handler or saved for a house hold hazardous waste collection. However, if the glue or adhesive has hardened, it may be thrown in the trash destined for the landfill.

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