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  • Drone UAV Academy

    Drone UAV Academy novice class 1-1/2 day class A:Ground schooling introduction, safety, laws, 3hrs. Lunch I hour b: flight orientation training, with Simulation and basic multi rotor aircraft, 3 hours C. 2nd day, drone training on customers drone, flight system and control orientation, flight training 4 hours. (Flight training cost can vary depending UAV). Intro class $1199 per student, max class 4 students and 2 flight instructors. Private lessons available. Advance flight training a able on request, dual operator, search and rescue, surveillance, cinematography and photography. Situational custom training available on advanced systems.
  • Drone UAV Expert

    Drone UAV Expert can provide you with a Expert UAV technician. We offer services such as software and firmware updates, and if your having trouble with your drone we can trouble shoot issues and provide either repair or warranty services with the UAV manufacturers. If you purchased your item elsewhere and need tech support or repair, we are happy to help you regardless of where you bought your UAV, but there will be a fee for our time.

    Expert Technician hours : Monday - Friday 10am to 5pm
    You can reach us at : (508) - 549 - 9959
  • Props & Prop Accessories

    Props for Muliti rotor copters and  other aircraft